Partition walls

Partition walls

The clean room partition walls produced by Ultra-Med Trans Middle East are made using innovative materials conceived for use in controlled contamination environments. The “sandwich” panel can be realised with various components both for the external panelling and the internal insulation, which vary according to specific project requirements.

HPL wall

The HPL partition wall is a structure with a thickness of 45mm, made of 2 x 4 mm thick external HPL panels and internal insulation, which vary according to the project requirements.
Each panel made is completely sealed on all 4 sides, using extruded aluminium profiles, designed to create the structure and complete closure of the internal insulation.

Ultra-Med supplies different types of insulation: rock wool (RW), polystyrene (EPS), aluminium honeycomb (HC), polyurethane (PUR), polyisocyanurate (PIR).
In all cases, the densities of such insulations are extremely high, so as to guarantee superior mechanical stability of the wall itself.


Sheets of expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class E (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.033 W/mK (EN 12667 or 13163)

Sheets of fireproof rock wool oriented perpendicular to the plane.
Density 100 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class A1 (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.037 W/mK (EN 12667 or 14303)

Sheets of honeycomb aluminium-combustible, consisting of hexagonal cells with a diameter of 12 mm made of aluminium alloy 3003.
Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class A0 (EN 13501-1) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.026 W/mK (static air) 0.026 W/mK (static air)

Sheets of expanded polyurethane.
Density 35 Kg/cbm, fire reaction class B3(EN 13501-1 or DIN 4102) declared thermal conductivity (λ) = 0.022 W/mK (EN 12667)

Alubond partition walls:

It is a latest generation composite material, used extensively in the construction sector thanks to its high mechanical qualities. It is ideal for environments with a relative humidity of <25% and consists of a central core (2) in IDPE, covered on both sides by an aluminium panel (1) pre-painted 25 micron – Kynar 500 ref. (EN AW-3005 (A) (Al Mn 1mg 0,5) ACC. EN 573) H42.
A protective PVC coating protects the panels to be used to compose the Alubond walls during the production, transportation and installation phases.

Glass Panel Walls:

The glass panel wall system adopted is completely flush-mounted and perfectly integrated with the other partition walls that are installed adjacent to the same. A completely concealed fixing and installation system and a minimal perimeter frame complete the product.
They are used for evident aesthetic reasons, boasting in their simplicity an excellent architectural solution but, above all, to make it easier to control and communicate in different environments and, last but not least, to allow visitors to visit the clean rooms directly from the corridors around the areas of production.
The thickness of the glass walls is always 45mm, composed of a double layer of 3+3mm laminated safety glass. The width and height of these glass walls, follow very precise rules envisaged by Easypharma, once again to distinguish the design of the product.
It is possible to customise the glass panels inserting screen prints with your company logo.

-Fullglass glass panel walls

Complete system with glass walls and doors perfectly flush with the partition walls. Consistent thickness of 45 mm.
To exploit the sunlight, to make supervision and communication easier, to allow your customers to view your work from the visitor corridor.
Standard module dimensions FULLGLASS: 1270 x h. 1960mm

-Glass walls Halfglass

Complete system with glass doors and curtain glass wall panelling 45 mm thick and 1000 mm high, fitted perfectly flush with the partition walls.
A different way of conceiving clean rooms, with large long glass panels 1100 mm from the ground, ideal in situations where there are work benches or production equipment.
Standard module dimensions HALFGLASS: 1270 x h. 1000mm

Clean Room Accessories For Partition Walls:

Connection Profiles:

The connection profiles are fundamental elements in clean rooms because they guarantee an adequate hygienic condition whilst allowing simple and immediate cleaning of the surface.
Our range includes rounded profiles in extruded aluminium, alloy 6060, both for internal corners and external corners so that all the right angles created by the intersection between walls and false ceilings, between walls and floors and between walls and walls can be eliminated, hence avoiding the deposit of dust in places that are difficult to reach when cleaning.

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