Clip-in Ceiling System

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  • Clip-in Ceiling System

    ultra-med offers a variety of ceiling systems. All systems are absolutely flush in combination with a low portion of joints. They correspond to the system requirements described by GMP & FDA.

    The systems are available as walk-on or non-walk-on versions. The panels are sealed or there are used dry gaskets. For every ceiling system ultra-med offers appropriate standard components like luminaires, filter/fan modules or inspection chambers. The systems are modular so dismantling and reassembly can be carried out at any time

    ultra-med Clip-In ceiling system has a beveled edge to form visually closed joints. The 4.2 mm bevel will emphasize the crispness of the tile ceiling design with fine joint lines.

    ultra-med Clip-In ceiling system are made of 0.6 mm thick Galvanized steel or Aluminum in powder coated with standard color RAL 9010.

    ultra-med Clip-In ceiling system are available in a wide variety of pre-defined rectangular module sizes that are commonly used in ceiling design.

    Ceiling Tile Size (mm) Side Height (mm) Thickness (mm)
    300 x 300 20/25 0.5-1
    300 x 600 20/25 0.6-1
    300 x 1200 20/25 0.7-1
    400 x 400 20 0.6-1
    500 x 500 20 0.6-1
    600 x 600 20/25/28 0.6-1.2
    600 x 1200 20/25/28 0.7-1.2


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