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    ultra-med offers a variety of ceiling systems. All systems are absolutely flush in combination with a low portion of joints. They correspond to the system requirements described by GMP & FDA.

    The systems are available as walk-on or non-walk-on versions. The panels are sealed or there are used dry gaskets. For every ceiling system ultra-med offers appropriate standard components like luminaires, filter/fan modules or inspection chambers. The systems are modular so dismantling and reassembly can be carried out at any time

    Ultra-med can be supply walk-on ceiling same as partition wall panels for special requirements.

    Ceiling for use in the pharmaceutical sector, in design suitable for walking on, with under pressure and overpressure values of max. -100 Pa to +200 Pa. The ceiling is made of multi-edged sheet steel carrier elements, suspended with infinite adjustment from the building structure by threaded rods spaced at intervals of 2400 mm. The use of standardized parts makes it the most economical of ceilings that are capable of being walked on.

    Flexible adjustments

    The ultra-med ceiling system is suitable for any design or size of clean room installations. The grid dimensions have been standardized and as a result it offers a fast and safe planning. This also offers a flexible design and clean room size. The ceiling is flexible, too. Each individual element can be removed independently of the adjacent areas, the cassettes are mutually interchangeable, and dismantling and reassembly can be carried out at any time.

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