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  • Sliding doors

    Sliding door consisting of a 45-50 mm extruded aluminum frame and a panel made with the same as the partition walls material, allowing total flush-fitting between the components and the wall itself.

    It is simple to assemble as both the electric drive unit and electric panel are housed in a single extruded aluminum cabinet that, when positioned alongside the aluminum perimeter profiles of the door wings and the connection profiles, creates a locking element that blends harmoniously with the clean room environment.

    This system can be equipped with a back-up battery which guarantees opening in case of power failure.

    Safe and extremely silent thanks to the 100-240 V brushless motor inverter

    (50-60Hz) using switch mode technology.

    Opening speed 0.8 m/s.

    Control unit with microprocessor logic and anti-crushing device complete the features of this clean room sliding door mechanism.

    The end customer can choose from the various door opening and control options.
    Manual non-motorized version also available.

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