ZPW21A Series Rotary Tablet Press

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  • ZPW21A Series Rotary Tablet Press

    This machine is applied to press all kinds of particle material into tablets and its greatest advantage is that it can press special-shaped tablets in all geometric shapes, double tablets, ring table’s and tablets with figures at both sides besides round tablets. Turret may be mounted with 21 pair of movable dies, so 21 tablets can be pressed at one turn. It is allowed to adjust the turret speed, stuffing depth of material and thickness of tablets during pressing and sample of tablets can be selected and examined. Pressure to pressing tablets is set by hydraulic system; to shish pressure gauge indication is attached. Overload protective device is mounted inside the hydraulic system and the system sill automatically stops when overloaded. Separate powder-absorbing box is supplied with the machine. It may absorb the powder from the operation of the machine to avoid bonding and clogging of powder and to recover raw material for refuse. This machine is a new type developed by ourselves during 1980’s and has been sold to international market.

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