SH120-50-01 CO2 Supercritical Extraction Machine

The technology of SFE(Supercritical Fluid Extraction) is a new subject from Modern Chemicals Industries, which is one of the advanced Separation Technology. As for SCF(Supercritical Fluid), it is was that fluid on Critical Point(Pc, Tc) under Thermodynamic State,  the Critical Point is the state point when interface of Gas and Liquid disappear, which process very novel physical& chemical characters. It density degree close to liquid, viscosity degree close to gas, but bigger diffusion coefficient &dielectric constant, smaller viscosity etc. these characters have contributed to good separation effects. So the SFE is mainly about Separation,  the solution will touch with extracted materials under High Pressure& Suitable Temperature, the Solutes would be diffused into the solution, then change the operation Conditions, to make the Solutes separate out.


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  • Features:

Easy to operate and adjust,well selectivity. Can extract out requested component according to control pressure and temperature.

Low operating temperature. Operation often happen under room temperature, which is much better for Heat-sensitive Materials. Because during extraction process, it has avoid “when oxygen oxygenation” and “when light reaction”, product can keep its natural tastes.

Finish within one step, CO2 won’t be left on the products,CO2 is one kind gas of non-poisonous, tasteless, inflammable, cheap and can be cycle use.

CO2 can be recycled, and be equipped with return circuit which saves gas.Adopt new methods of fluid distribution uniform fluid distribution, which makes CO2 fluid and solute uniform contact to speed up the dissolved, shorten extraction time, increase production

Each kettle has function of measuring and controlling temperature system, which can effectively and accuracy control the temperature.

The safety valve can protect the safety of the machine and operator, and the pressure safety display to ensure that the machine working in a safe environment

High precision pressure valve to ensure the tightness of the machine,make good extract effect.

  •  Technical Parameters:
Model SH120-50-01
Max. extract pressure 50MPa
Single extract cylinder volume 1L
Extraction temperature Room temp – 75℃
Max. flow 0-50L/h(adjustable)
Kettle material 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Separation kettle volume 600ml * 2sets
Separation kettle pressure 30MPa
CO2  store tank volume 3L
CO2  store tank pressure 16MPa
Dimension 1700*1520*1000mm
Weight 300KG(Approximate)



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