TB 350 Automatic Cellophone Over-Wrapping Machine

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  • Applications:

The machine can be used to pack single or multiple medicine box, tobacco, food and with BOPP or PVC film. The max speed is 30 packs /min. It can finish all actions automatically like stuff-stacking, feeding, packing film feeding, folding, packing, heat-sealing and so on. The machine uses mechanical transmission, frequency convert, HMI and PLC to control. The malfunction can be shown automatically when the machine is running. It can be used separately or in line with automatic boxing machine.

  • Technical parameters:
Packing speed: 20-35 boxes/min
Packing size: length (350-60) x width (240-40) x (125-15) mm
Packing material: PVC or BOFF Inner diameter: Φ75mm Thickness: 0.021-0.028mm
Packing material width: can be adjusted according to cargo size
Sealing temperature: 100-140 degree
Electric power: three phases five wires 50Hz/AC380V
Total power: 2.3KW
Work pressure: 0.6 MPa
Noisy: <69dB (A)
Overall dimension: 220 x 760 x 1750mm
Machine weight: 650kg



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